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French Lavender

Lavender is the star of the herbal world and has long been valued not only for its fresh, sweet smell, but also for its wide and varied therapeutic benefits.  Lavender, both dried and its oil has many uses both medicinally and in the home.  Having lived in Provence for 20 years Celia cannot imagine a world without Lavender.  She uses the very finest French Lavender organically grown on the southern slopes on Mont Ventoux, Provence, France.   Celia is also a creative designer and stylist - please click HERE to see gallery of works.



Moth prevention with Lavender Oil


Essential Lavender Oil is the number 1 natural remedy for getting rid of moths. Add a few drops to the softener compartment of your clothes washer or to the final rinse of a hand wash. NEVER put away woollen or silk clothes for any length of time once they have been worn. This is the most common way to attract moths. Lavender Oil not only keeps wardrobes free from moths but see how fresh all your laundry smells. Used regularly and your wardrobe and linen cupboard will smell like a dream.


Lavender has long been valued not only for its fresh, sweet smell, but also for its wide and varied therapeutic benefits, please click HERE to view all its benefits. 




Celia Lindsell profile portrait in Uzes, Provence

Celia Lindsell - Designer

Visit Celia's gallery of works work as a creative designer.


Cote d'azur Table cloth and cushions

Lavender Moth Prevention

Find out how and why Lavender is used to keep your home and clothes free from moths.

The Good Web Guide

Soft Velvet Lavender Pillow

Buff coloured cotton velvet pillow with linen reverse, scent your sofa with Lavender from Provence

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Complimentary Gift Wrapping

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Wool, Silk and Possum Fur Wrist Warmers

The Origin of our French Lavender

Organic Lavender from the world's finest Lavender fields of Provence.

French dried Lavender from Provence, field of Lavender

Lavender and its Benefits

Catch up on the myriad of uses of the Lavender Flower and its Essential Oil

Press Coverage

Covering Celia

See what the press have chosen from Celia Lindsell.

Essential Lavender Oil, amber glass bottles with wax seal, celia lindsell

Lavender Oil in the Home

Top Tips - How to use Lavender Oil to prevent moths.  The scented and natural way. 


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Celia Lindsell’s contemporary organic lavender product range was born whilst she was living amongst the iconic lavender fields of Provence in the South of France. Inspired by the French tradition of using natural resources for lifestyle accessories, Celia Lindsell decided to update the historic use of lavender with timeless, and yet modern, design. Our Lavender range includes Lavender Bags, Lavender Pillows, Pure Essential Oil and Lavender filled Doorstops, each product will fill the home with the natural aroma of lavender. Lavender has many practical uses beyond smelling wonderful. It is a natural relaxant, disinfectant and a chemical-free natural moth repellent. Celia Lindsell has designed a range of wardrobe and drawer bags stuffed with pure lavender buds designed to deter moths. Our lavender bags will make your clothes smell wonderful and they are safe for use around the whole family.


With the success of the lavender products Celia Lindsell broadened her range to include other home accessories with a French-British design aesthetic. The exclusive and unique Côte d'Azur print was inspired by the exotic Pin Parasol trees, which line the famous French Riviera coast. The collection comprises accessories for summer dining, including tablecloths and cushions, and a beach bag and sarong to accessorise your holiday wardrobe.  The iconic French Basket, seen in markets from Paris to Perpignan, has been given a design twist. Emblazoned with a hand-embroidered red heart, it is a fashionable picnic basket or it looks wonderful in the home with our fringed bath towels piled up inside. The new tassel fringed cotton bath towels, available with pure white or coloured tassels, are thick and luxurious.  The tassels and dyes are influenced by Moroccan design and will brighten up any bathroom, we love the coloured tassels against a white suite. Continuing the Moroccan inspiration, Celia Lindsell sourced handcrafted suede babouche slippers from Fez. These beautifully crafted slippers are made with a soft padded leather inside for comfort and a hard leather under sole to protect against cold winter floors.


During her many travels Celia Lindsell discovered Luxurious Opossum fur in New Zealand. Eco Opossum Fur is a soft and luxurious natural material that is produced humanely to control the population of non-indigenous possum that are rapidly destroying the local eco system. This fur is a natural, biodegradable, material that is deliciously soft and retains its incredible warmth. Celia Lindsell has designed a range of accessories for this luxurious material, including fur trimmed pure wool shawl and hand warmers, a fur hat and fur handbag. Each exude classic glamour and can be dressed up or down for any occasion. The Luxurious Fur range also includes a sumptuous hot water bottle cover that is incredibly soft and will still be warm in the morning. Celia Lindsell offers a bespoke design service for the home, Opossum fur bedspreads and cushions add a warm and soft feeling to interiors, please do contact us for more information.


The stylish and timeless creations of Celia Lindsell sit comfortably in all kinds of environments from chic city apartments to both contemporary and traditional country houses. Each product is made using natural materials where possible and Celia Lindsell has ensured that all products have been ethically produced by expert craftsmen and women.