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Jonny's Sister




Robyn Beeche

Solve your gift dilemma here! Jonny's Sister produces beautiful, unique, personalised gifts, handmade in England.


Extraordinary photographer of fashion & culture




Patrick Cadell Photography



Experienced web photographer. Responsible for the photographs on celialindsell.com.  
Possum New Zealand Possum New Zealand designs and manufactures a huge range of eco-fur products. From possum fur scarves, to Russian fur hats, possum merino wool garments, luxurious opossum fur throws and now possum fur footwear.  
Far Fetched

Possum fur and unique calfskin footwear, homeware and fashion accessories, with a key focus on luxury and longevity.

Veronique Robert Brancharelle An extraordianary artist specialising in sea scapes painted on glass  

Essence de Provence







Y - Knot

French Lavender Products and the best products from the Markets of Provence. Lavender wreaths, essential oils, soap, lotion, candles, sachets, body butter, and culinary lavender. Free recipes and photographs of Provence online.



Specialising in hand knit products created by women.  A wonderful selection of colour and talent

Mimu Handbags Gorgeous Italian leather handbags, straw bags and shoppers, evening and special occasion bags, belts and accessories.  

SEO Services


Biodegradable Packaging Bagsd




YYable Packaging Bags


V1 Search Engine Optimisation services


We are manufacturing plastic biodegradable packaging bags and compostable bags in various sizes and colors. Our bio bags are made from high quality materials and utilizing the latest equipment.