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French Lavender Bags

Our Lavender Bags, generously filled with Provencal French Lavender, will ward off moths and the delicate scent will freshen your home. When used in combination with our Lavender Oil your home will be rid of moths quickly. Available in a range of sizes for throughout your home.

Girl's Lavender Bag



Lavender filled Shoe Trees



Pair of Lavender Bags


Pair of French Lavender Bags


About French Lavender Bags


"There is nothing better than really full lavender bag" Virginia Bonham Carter

Lavender Bags are the most effective natural way to protect your home from moths. We use the most powerful French Provencal Lavender. and lot of it. When used with our Lavender Oil you will be able to keep your home free of moths. Place around your home to fill it with the evocative scent of Provence.

The Small Lavender Bags, 65gms, are robust essentials for wardrobes and come in an array of designs. They ward off moths and give your cupboards and clothes a subtle lavender scent.

Our Large Lavender Bags, 190gms, are very versatile. They can be used to repel moths in linen cupboards or wardrobes or decorate cloakrooms and bathrooms. Perfect for bedside tables to give guests a scented and relaxed night's sleep. A unique gift and one of our bestselling products.

Men need protection from moths too. Our Silk Men's Lavender Bags are designed to be tucked into jacket pockets or nestled between favourite cashmeres.

Squeeze your Lavender Bags from time to time to keep releasing the scent.

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