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French Lavender Miscellaneous

Our pure French Lavender products release a relaxing aroma that will both repel moths and scent your home with its delicate perfume. Lavender is both medicinal and soothing, working as a natural sleep aid and effective moth repellent. Made in France.

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About French Lavender Miscellaneous


Lavender is one of natures most versatile plants. It really works as a natural moth preventative, a proven sleep aid and has medicinal qualities.

Our organic lavender is sourced from the highest altitude farm on the Southern slopes of the Mont Ventoux, an area renowned for its lavender. All our lavender products are made in France using the finest fabrics and filled with dried lavender buds.

The following are some of lavender’s principal uses:

ANTI MOTHS - Use a combination of Lavender Bags in your wardrobe and our Pure Essential Lavender Oil in EVERY clothes wash to rid your house of the dreaded clothes moths. This really works. Using lavender bags alone will prevent the new arrival of moths.

RELAXATION - The scent of lavender is a natural relaxant. Sleeping with a lavender filled pillow will help you relax and will aid a good nights sleep. Also, what works wonders, is adding a few drops of lavender oil to a hot bath before bedtime.

MEDICINAL - Use as an antiseptic to heal cuts, burns, spots and grazes quickly. Massage into temples to relieve headaches.

PLEASURE FOR THE HOME - Add lavender oil to your clothes washer for sweet smelling laundry

Lavender and its oil have many more benefits and uses.

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