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LAVENDER PILLOWS – The way to relax


Unwinding in today’s world of speed is often a difficult thing to achieve.  We can all race around at 100mph with technology making things forever faster.  But to relax and unwind is one of the most important parts of the day. 


The scent of dried Lavender has been known since as long ago as Roman times as one of medicines best natural relaxants.  It soothes both body and mind enabling you to stop the clock for a moment and find a bit of down time. 


At Celia Lindsell we have created a range of decorative pillows filled with the finest dried French Lavender from Provence.  The pillows can be used on your bed, on the sofa and are just the right size to pop into a suitcase.  


The Provence lavender used in our Lavender Pillows is grown on the southern slopes of the highest peak in the South of France, Mont Ventoux, Provence.  It is from these Lavender fields that the perfumeries of Grasse source their Lavender. 



The very best organic lavender is grown at high altitude, in a climate of harsh cold winters followed by searing hot summers. High altitude lavender plants produce the highest ester count. The esters are what make it calming.

All our Lavender Pillows consist of an outer decorative cushion cover with a separate Lavender Pillow inside. This enables you to wash the outer cover and over time replace the inner pillow when necessary. The scent of Lavender will last for years in a pillow. It is released by squeezing the dried lavender from time to time effectively squeezing out the oil. Over years the pillow will start to loose its scent. We therefore sell on our site replacement pillows at very reasonable prices.

We have designed two sizes of Lavender Pillows. One 30cm x 15cm and the other an extra large, 40cm x 25cm designed for larger sofas. It is a perfect time to relax whilst reading or watching television on the sofa and every time you puff up your Lavender Pillow you will fill your sitting room with the fragrant aromas of Provence.

They make perfect gifts for birthdays, Mother’s day, weddings, christenings and baby showers.

Lavender Pillows are suitable for all ages. We have also designed a collection for Children. Children adore them because sub consciously they are aware of the calming soothing effects that their small lavender pillow gives them. They snuggle up to their pretty lavender pillows whilst going to sleep and will not want to go to bed without it. They adore taking them on sleepovers. The Provence lavender pillow comfortingly reminds them of home and ensures a good nights sleep.

The Lavender Pillow is also a wonderful travel companion. Long haul flights are notoriously difficult for achieving a peaceful nights sleep. But take a lavender pillow with you on a long haul flight and you will soon forget about all the unsavory smells on the plane and be in a world of your own with your pillow. The natural relaxing and calming properties of organic French lavender will greatly help relaxation and undisturbed nights sleep. If you are a nervous flyer they will help you enormously. 

Alternatively, when travelling, use your lavender pillow in your hotel room or guest room. You will continue to benefit from the relaxing properties of the lavender to enjoy a peaceful and undisturbed nights sleep, just like at home. An added bonus of packing your lavender pillow into your suitcase is when you arrive at your destination all your clothes will smell beautifully fresh of Provence lavender too.

So spoil yourself or someone you love with one of our pretty Lavender Pillow to enhance relaxation and a general sense of well-being. They make a great present for birthdays; house warming, Mother’s day, weddings, christenings and baby shower.


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