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Designer luxury fabric doorstops

Luxury doorstops from Celia Lindsell

Attractive doorstops have always been difficult to find. Yet Celia Lindsell feels that practical doorstops are an essential accessory for every household. They make perfect presents for birthdays, Mother’s day, Father’s day, weddings and anniversaries.

Celia Lindsell has designed an attractive range of practical organic Provencal French lavender filled doorstops using luxury exclusive fabrics. Slamming doors can be an absolute nuisance not only for the noise they create but also for the damage it causes to your doors. Not only do these door stops solve this problem but they also fill your room with the wonderful relaxing scent of pure organic French lavender.


The organic lavender used in the doorstops of Celia Lindsell is grown on the southern slopes of the highest peak in the South of France, Mont Ventoux in Provence. The very best lavender is grown at high altitude, in a climate of harsh cold winters followed by searing hot summers. This environment produces organic lavender strong enough to fill the doorstops for Celia Lindsell’s collection and give the rooms of your house the wonderful cleansing calming scent of lavender from Provence.




The door stops are made from luxury heavy weight cotton fabric in a number of designs and colour ways to suit every household. They are designed in the form resembling a classic traditional weight shape. Each cotton doorstop is made in France.

Each doorstop measures 20cm x 20cm x 20cm and each are finished with a sturdy matching fabric handle that enables you to easily pick up the doorstop easily when your floors are being cleaned. The handle also gives a stylish decorative feature to the doorstop.

Each doorstop is filled with over 1kg of pure organic French lavender to freshen your rooms at the same time as holding the doors back. The smell of lavender is a natural relaxant so the organic lavender filled door stops are wonderful for bedrooms, both for adults and children. Celia Lindsell’s scented doorstops will help a peaceful nights sleep. These practical doorstops can also be used to keep open your baby’s door. Organic lavender is also a natural deterrent of unwanted moths, so using a provencal lavender filled scented doorstop will help against the constant need to deter moths from the house.

For essential weight each heavy doorstop is also fitted with an additional stone weight to created a sufficiently heavy doorstop. We found so many doorstops on the market were unsubstantial in their weight so we have taken extra precautions against this doorstop problem. These heavy doorstops will really stop your doors from slamming even in high winds.

The base of these pretty doorstops are made from real suede leather which firstly will prevent the stylish doorstop slipping on wooden or polished floors and will also greatly enhance the durability of the doorstop over the years. The real suede leather chosen for the base of the doorstops is of a neutral colour so is complimentary with all household colour schemes.

Doorstops are often liable to get dirty, people kicking them into place, muddy dogs, and children playing with them and general household dirt. Therefore Celia Lindsell has added a special extra feature of a zip opening to their doorstops. This means when you want to wash your stylish doorstop you simply open the zip, empty out the lavender from Provence plus the extra stone weight and wash. So spoil someone give the perfect present for a birthday, Mother’s day, Father’s day, a wedding or an anniversary.

Evolution of Doorstops - In the past doorstops were often fashioned from blocks of wood and various shapes of metal, then we went on to producing doorstops out of rubber door wedges. Whilst these door stops had a certain practical use they are no longer sympathetic to our cosy and designer orientated environments. We now want, and can have more, from a doorstop. The old fashioned doorstops now appear cold and rudimentary lacking in visual appeal, warm and softness. Celia Lindsell has created not only a stylish doorstop that has visual appeal, warm and softness but has also produced a scented doorstop that smells beautiful too.

Celia Lindsell has sold their heavy doorstops all over the countryside in the United Kingdom. Owners of Scottish castles, country cottages and city apartments have bought their unique door stops. Also many doorstops have been sold from Celia Lindsell’s boutique in the Southern French town of Uzès. With the prevailing wind of the Mistral a practical doorstop is essential in these parts.