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Lavender Bags - How Best to Use Them


Dried Lavender Bags in Linen CupboardLavender bags full of French dried Lavender help keep wardrobes free from unwanted moths and keep your cupboards smelling delightfully fresh and clean. French Lavender Bags have been used in wardrobes for centuries and Celia Lindsell has created a range of practical and stylish Lavender Bags for your wardrobes and home interiors. The organic lavender bags are totally unique in their generous use of lavender.

The French lavender used in our lavender sachets is grown in Provence, France. It is grown at high altitude on the southern slopes on Mont Ventoux. Lavender has been grown here for years and it is this lavender that is used by the famous French perfume houses of Grasse. Lavender grown at high altitude is renowned for having particularly strong lavender scent.


Lavender Bags are used in wardrobes for two reasons:


  • Firstly French Lavender is a natural repellent for unwanted wardrobe moths. The habitat of moths in wardrobes and cupboards is an ever growing problem. They can cause havoc in woollens and silks, nesting in folds and eating the natural fibres leaving small holes in your woollens and silks. Lavender Bags in your wardrobes really help prevent the presence of moths. You can tuck the bags amongst jumpers, socks and woollen shawls giving them a good squeeze from time to time to fresh the aroma of the scented lavender.
  • Secondly Lavender Bags help keep your wardrobe smelling deliciously fresh and clean. Each time you open your wardrobe or cupboard you will be rewarded with the distinctive fresh scent of pure French Lavender.

Celia Lindsell has designed a comprehensive collection of stylish Lavender Bags, each with harmonious proportions. Each is designed with a stylish printed cotton fabric on one side with a matching plain cotton fabric on the reverse side. The Lavender Bags are then finished off with a double-faced satin bow. The Lavender Bags are as beautifully decorative bags as they are useful.



Boxed Set of Lavender BagsThe Small Lavender Bag is full of more than 60gms of pure organic high altitude dried lavender and stands approx 17cm tall. These decorative Lavender Bags are ideal for tucking onto the drawers of your wardrobe or cupboard or scattering amongst your woollens. The small Lavender Bags are sold individually or as a gift boxed set of three that makes a very special present for someone. The fabrics chosen for Celia Lindsell’s Lavender Bags are done so to create a varied selection of styles to suit all tastes.


The large Lavender Bag is full of more than 180gms of pure organic high altitude French dried lavender and stands proudly at 26cm tall. These stylish Lavender Bags have so many uses they are a must have for every household.

  • Firstly they can be used in large wardrobes where the smaller dried Lavender Bags may not be big enough to create sufficient aroma to ward off the unwanted moths. Place the large Lavender Bags neatly between piles of woollen jumpers and wool shawls giving maximum protection to your clothes. And, as with the smaller Lavender Bags, your wardrobes will benefit from years of scented lavender aroma. Also use this size of lavender bag for your large linen cupboards.
Secondly use this Lavender bag as scented decoration for rooms in your house. They are a great way to keep cloakrooms and toilettes fresh from unwanted smells. Place them on a window sill, shelf or the top of a cistern to keep these rooms smelling fresh and they give great added decoration too.
    Use these Large Lavender Bags in guest rooms and bathrooms too. They can be placed on bedside tables, the side of the bath or placed in between sleeping pillows. In all these places the Large Lavender Bags will gently give off the scent of lavender to relax and comfort your guests.

Celia Lindsell realises that is not only women who need to care for precious woollens and keep them safe from unwanted moths destroying them. Therefore Celia Lindsell has created a stylish Lavender Bag designed for men’s wardrobes. These masculine Lavender Bags are rectangular in shape, approx 10cm x 14cm, so they can be slipped into the pockets of men’s woollen jackets and overcoats keeping them free from unwanted moths and keep them smelling delightfully fresh too. These masculine dried Lavender Bags have proved immensely popular and Celia Lindsell has discovered that men are secret fans of lavender too.




The secret to getting the most out of your dried lavender bag is to squeeze it from time to time. This releases the scent of the lavender.
We are often asked how long a dried Lavender Bag lasts for. In principal it will last for years. If you find a lavender bag that has not been touched for years give it a gentle squeeze to refresh the aroma and it will smell as good as new. The French Lavender we use has a very high concentrate of oil that will last for years.

Celia Lindsell’s collection of dried lavender bags make exclusive gifts, one can never have too many. We suggest them for birthdays, mother’s day, father’s day, house gift’s, thank you’s, weddings, christenings, anniversaries and baby showers.